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Jess Davis, M.A. is an associate psychotherapist at The Creative Healing Group, a yoga teacher, an energy healer, and trained intuitive. She utilizes skills from various disciplines to create a personal and customized healing experience for you. She is committed to her own growth, and feels privileged to show up alongside others who are ready to accept the challenge themselves. 

Jess's spiritual journey began when she started having supernatural dream "experiences" that she could not explain. Terrified and bewildered, she was desperate for a spiritual mentor to guide her through these unexplainable circumstances. These mystifying visitations left her desperately in need of tools that mainstream healing practices did not offer. 

And thus she was plunged into her own heroine's journey from which she emerged feeling more embodied, confident, enlivened, and in deep connection with herself, others, and the divine.


Jess is excited to share her experience and training from her time in a dark night of the soul, and is honored to contribute those offerings with the larger collective. 

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Video presentation: 

Integrating Spiritual Experiences.


Jess shares her personal journey through the alchemical hermeneutic process of her thesis development.

Huffpost Article:

7 Bad Relationship Habits Couples Therapists See All The Time


From her work as a couples psychotherapist, Jess weighs in on relationship traps that often ensnare couples.

Huffpost Article:

Is it a Good Idea to Make Major Life Changes during a Pandemic?


Jess offers her insights on significant decision making amidst collective upheaval. 

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