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embrace the Numinous &
embody your life

nü-mə-nəs | adjective 

supernatural, mysterious; filled with a sense of the presence of divinity; appealing to the higher emotions or to the aesthetic sense

Calm Lake

What's a grounded approach to spirituality?

Crumpled Transparent Plastic


It's touching, tasting, seeing, feeling and knowing that it is a divine experience.

Scribble 2


It's letting go of perfection and holding on to humility, humor, & grace. 

Rainbow Light Art


It's rooting into the beauty of your life, instead of seeking the one transformative experience that will fix it. 

Magic Hand


It's manifesting AND committing to a daily practice. 

Scribble Diamond


It's embodying your experience & wisdom by living it.  

Colorful Abstract Shape


It's the bravery to look at what you fear the most, while creating space for the divine. 

Geometric Album Cover


It's knowing that sure, it is love & light, but not without the shadow work and ownership. 



It's shining your essence of self-forgiveness, self-affinity, & self-validation while owning your flaws. 

My work is infused with: 


my love of myth and storytelling

depth psychotherapy, philosophy and poetry

my reverence for the great mystery

respect for the wisdom of the body's knowing

attunement to subtle energies and intuitive practices

expressive arts and the cornucopia of creativity

dance & movement

the inner child and parts work

therapeutic use of psychedelics

and the formative works of:

Carl Jung,

Joseph Campbell,

Thomas Moore, 

Michael Meade,

Martin Shaw,

Rainer Maria Rilke,

David Whyte,

Lewis Bostwick 


My Offerings

Fading Colors
Faint Glow


Go inward to manifest outward. What's the myth that you're living and does it align with your truest self?  

Fading Colors

Pyschedelic Integration

Make sense of the non-sensical. Let's tend to your spiritual experiences that still need integration.

For Individuals & Couples 

Abstract Glow

Groups &

Building community and safe spaces to explore, create, express, grow knowledge, and play! 

Email me for rates & availability.
Sliding scale available. 

But only someone who is ready for everything,

who doesn't exclude any experience,

even the most incomprehensible,

will live the relationship with another person as something alive and will himself sound the depths of his own being. 

 - Rainer Marie Rilke

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